The PKK and other Kurdish organisations: a crash course

Turkey’s decades-long battle with the PKK and the Kurdish people’s struggle for recognition in four countries across Mesopotamia has created a lot of initials. Roll your mouse or tap below to unpack a few.

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This chart is by no means comprehensive and very much a work in progress. Feedback and suggestions very welcome.

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The PKK and other Kurdish organisations: a crash course

  1. Noah says:

    Thanks for the useful chart. You might add Iranian PJAK and its YRK and HPJ wings.

  2. Has Avrat says:

    You remember that great chronological info graphic you did for Turkish political parties, think this might be better explained like that. Also missing YDG-H which has now transformed into YPS and YPS-J. And need to link YPG under PYD that would “sit under” KCK and PYD’s formation in 2003 was decided at KCK board level.

  3. Kristian says:

    great chart, might be useful to detail the civil society arm of the KCK a bit more like DTK and others, because that is where things get blurry

  4. Random Man says:

    A group named “Turkish Hezbollah” is Kurdish-Islamic organisation against PKK. Can you please add this to your chart?

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