The Turkish media: who owns what

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4 Responses to :
The Turkish media: who owns what

  1. Hakan Urhan says:

    Milliyet and Vatan ownership should be DEMİROREN instead of CİNER

    1. Mike says:

      Thanks – fixed it now.

  2. Ali Veli Deli says:

    I think you can add Firat Haber Ajansi and Dicle Haber Ajansi as well

  3. Walter says:

    Thank you for that great info. However, the best I have ever seen is your Extended Chart on the development of pol. parties.

    Well 2 questions:
    Where would you put ILKHA, the Kurdih-Islamist News Agency closed to HüdaPar?
    Do you know anything about the 2015 released “The Turkish Sun” – I have now idea about them.


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