The vote begins

2007 presidential election

Parliament speaker Bülent Arınç has rejected a CHP application for attendance to be taken. There are nine non-AKP MPs in the chamber: five of them are independents, two are from Mehmet Ağar’s DYP, and one each are from Anavatan and the CHP.

This would mean there are 361 MPs in parliament eligible for voting – six short of the number needed to vote in a president in the first round. A CHP legal challenge is now certain.

The voting continues.

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Last modified: Saturday 18 April 2015

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The vote begins

  1. BadTyrpist says:

    This is getting very interesting. There are suggestions in the press this Saturday morning that the Supreme Court may rule the Friday election unconstitutional on the disputable grounds that the required number of votes for a President to be elected in the first round is also the quorum necessary for such an election to take place in the first place.

    Have a look at TC Constitution articles 95, 101 and 102:
    As far as I can see, there is no such requirement. If the Supreme Court finds in favour of the CHP application, it will be fascinating to see the legal reasoning they come up with to support the decision.

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