Turkey centralises 28 mostly Kurdish local authorities


An interactive map of the councils seized by Turkish authorities under state of emergency powers

Earlier this month, the Turkish government used state of emergency powers to remove elected officials and appoint administrators to 28 local councils. It did so over what it said was the councils’ links to groups Turkey considers to be terrorist organisations.
The interactive map below details the most recent local election results in 26 of them. Two hyperlocal village councils – in İkiköprü, Batman and Hoşhaber, Iğdır – are not shown on this map. Both were overwhelmingly won in 2014 by the pro-Kurdish BDP, which has since reformed into the regional DBP group.

There have been howls of outrage for two reasons. First, the decision involves unseating democratically-elected councils, the vast majority of them Kurdish, and replacing them with bureaucrats from central government.
Second, it is a sudden volte face on what everyone assumed was government policy. In August the AK Party leadership had been planning a law that would allow it to seize control of errant councils, but dropped them in a much-trumpeted deal with opposition parties. The government has now used state of emergency powers to do precisely the same thing.
The main opposition CHP says the decree law mechanism (known by its Turkish initials KHK, or Kanun Hükmünde Kararname) used by the government is unconstitutional and has promised to challenge it in the constitutional court.
For the AK Party and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan these are counter-terrorism measures that are well overdue. All these councils supported terrorism, they say: 24 had links to the Kurdish militants of the PKK and four to the coup-plotting Fethullah Gülen network.
It is another clear sign that Turkey’s government does not distinguish between the two.

Last modified: Tuesday 13 December 2016

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Turkey centralises 28 mostly Kurdish local authorities

  1. Hittite woman says:

    it looks like Kurds are all over Turkey, so they want a separate statelet in Turkey. That can never happen for many reasons. First of all, Istanbul is expecting major quake, so 12 million people will have to go to Anadolu at that time. Second, there are other minorities in Turkey who would also want statelets like Roma people( 5 million). Third, just because Kurds have a high birth rate ( 9-10 kids to a family) doesn’t give them more rights than other minorities. Fourth, there is going to be major water shortages, food shortages and super viruses and antibiotic resistant bacteria coming to Middle East.Middle East needs a decline in population otherwise there will be more wars like in Syria. Syrian war is about climate change, not oil.

    1. against racist turks says:

      9-10 kids to a family? I mean racist comments like this need to be deleted. You turks are sick people.

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